noun plural women /'wImIn/
1 FEMALE (C) an adult female person: I was talking to a woman I met on the flight. | married women | a woman priest/driver etc: How long will it be until we have a woman President? | women's clothes/organization etc: Kate works for a popular women's magazine.
—see man 1
2 FORM OF ADDRESS spoken a rude way of addressing a woman when you are angry, annoyed etc: Pull yourself together, woman!
3 another woman/the other woman informal a woman that a man is having a sexual relationship with, even though he is married to someone else: I'm sure he's got another woman..
4 GENERAL TERM (singular) formal women in general: A woman's work is never done.
5 PARTNER also the old woman (singular) spoken expressions meaning your girlfriend or wife, which many women find offensive: Did he bring his woman with him?
6 businesswoman/spokeswoman etc a woman who has a particular kind of job: a spokeswoman for the charity
7 be your own woman to make your own decisions and be in charge of your own life, without depending on anyone else
8 woman of easy virtue/woman of the night old-fashioned a prostitute 1 (1)
9 SERVANT (C) a female servant or person who does works for you in your house
—see also: old woman, make an honest woman of honest (8), man/woman of the world world 1 (26), wine, women and song wine 1 (3)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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